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Bowman Lewis Law is a team of Arkansas Trial Lawyers that are comfortable in courtrooms all around Arkansas.  We are hired to litigate disputed civil cases and have more active criminal defense cases than almost any law firm in Arkansas.  This courtroom experience gives us the skills to effectively fight when it comes to criminal defense, civil litigation, domestic disputes, and other legal matters in nearly all Arkansas Counties.   We always provide a Free Case Evaluation and Consultation at (888) 674-5327.

In Arkansas, selecting the correct attorney is as difficult as important. Some lawyers will paint pretty pictures of what they can "maybe" or "probably" do with your case. If or when a different result occurs, they will have an excuse prepared. Whether you are an individual or an out of State Corporation, you can never really know who you are dealing with as a lawyer. My pledge, and the pledge taken by anyone that we allow into our firm, has always been the same. We will evaluate your case 100% to the best of our abilities. That means you will not just hear what could happen in an ideal world, we go over all the possible negative outcomes in detail. If you care about your clients, you do your best to tell them everything you can before they make a decision on who to hire. Who you pick has lifelong consequences, and we do not take this lightly.

Our reputation matters. The trial team at Bowman Lewis routinely takes cases to trial so that prosecutors, opposing counsel, and Judges know that we will go the distance. This means that we are often the last attorneys to leave the courtroom, because trials generally happen after the routine court business. Prosecutors know about defense counsel, and I think our reputation helps our clients whether they plea or go to trial.

We advise all prospective clients to seek consultations with other attorneys before hiring us, because we want you to make an informed decision when you hire us. 

We work in the entire State of Arkansas. We have conference spaces in Little Rock, Fayetteville, Mountain Home, and Texarkana.  We are often able to offer payment plans or otherwise negotiate with you in an accommodating manner.  The first consultation is always free.  Please take time to read about our services and do not hesitate to ask questions.  Our aim is to be accessible and understanding to our current and future clients.

Please contact us or give us a call at (888) 674-5327 for a free consultation.  This firm is owned and managed by Seth L. Bowman and Nathan B. Lewis. 

Courtroom and criminal litigation in Arkansas is what we do, and we are not afraid to take your case to trial.  We always offer Free Case Evaluations, and we offer Payment Plans on worthy cases.

For testimonials from individuals please visit Seth L. Bowman's Profile on Avvo. 

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