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Based on what type of case you have and what court it is in, we offer free consultations with an experienced attorney. If we don't practice in the area, we'll do our best to refer you to someone who does.

Online Payment Plans

In most instances we can provide a flat fee option of payment. Payment plans are accepted subject to our approval. We even accept most crypto currency. Fairness is important to us.

Justice is our #1 Priority

We are passionate about criminal defense. All cases are different and you deserve a personalized defense. You get that with Bowman Lewis.


A Decade of Experience in Teamwork for Justice

Bowman Lewis Law is a full service trial law firm. We've litigated complex probate cases as well as high profile murder and rape trials. We practice in all the courts of Arkansas including the Eastern and Western Federal District Court as well as the Appeals courts.

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Practice Areas

Divorces and Family Law

Relationships are tough. Ending those relationships can be even tougher. From divorce to custody matters to guardianships, our team of attorneys stands ready to guide you through the complex legal issues in your family law case.

Personal Injury

We offer contingency fees that are fair.  On a simple car wreck that represents 25%.  On other types of cases we take on a contingent basis, such as Civil Rights, that percent is higher.  We are happy to discuss the specifics with you.


Expungements are complicated and often require persistence.  We've had cases that required multiple followups and court appearances.  We've instructed multiple prosecutors and courts on changes in the law that benefit our clients. 

Sexual Charges

When you are charged with a sexual crime, you are not just facing potential prison time. Sexual Registration requirements last for a minimum of 15 years and can even apply to misdemeanors. These types of cases often go to trial, and you need someone who is willing to present your case effectively.

Drug Charges

The legal restrictions placed on the use of controlled drugs are aimed at preventing...

DWI/DUI Charges

DWI can't be plead in Arkansas, so you need a trial attorney for your case. At Bowman Lewis, each of our members has conducted multiple DWI trials.

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  • We charge 25% for basic personal injury such as car wrecks
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Based on your case we will match you with a skilled attorney who you can speak with personally, not just their assistant

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DWI Basics: Dealing with Driver Control

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