Drug Charges

Drug laws are constantly changing.  Recently penalties were increased for certain drugs like methamphetamine and decreased for certain drugs like marijuana.  We constantly monitor caselaw to provide aggressive defense.  For example, at a recent suppression of physical evidence hearing, one of our attorneys cited a Supreme Court cases decided the day prior.  The Judge requested a copy of the case and the results were positive for the defense.

Sometimes people may not have a strong case to suppress the evidence, but may benefit from treatment instead of just going to prison.  We work with a network of rehabilitation clinics.  We selected them based on the court’s level of respect for the facilities and their directors.  No matter what you are going through, we’ve probably dealt with worse.  We do our best to respect our clients.

Do you represent juveniles?

Absolutely. Attorney Seth Bowman is dedicated to juvenile justice statewide.

Do you handle other types of criminal cases?

Absolutely. We mention drug crimes here specifically because we deal with a lot of these. There are more people in prison for drug crimes than for all the others combined.

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