Expungements are complicated and often require persistence.  We’ve had cases that required multiple followups and court appearances.  We’ve instructed multiple prosecutors and courts on changes in the law that benefit our clients.  This is something we are familiar with and monitor regularly.  In addition to expungements, you may qualify for an early termination of probation.  Remember, to do either of these you’ll need to have your restitution and fines paid off.

Please contact us for a free consultation.  We will ask for your “sentencing” or “disposition” order.  If you were sentenced after 2010, then these are also referred to as “Act 570 Orders.”  If you are able to provide us with your order we can tell you what, if any, options you have to seal/expunge your record.

First Time Offender Act

Act 346 is a powerful tool known as the First Time Offender's Act. There is a specific form to file, and we often see attorneys do these improperly.

Did you go to ADC?

There is no provision to seal your record if you went to ADC. You can either seek restoration of gun rights or a pardon. These are complicated and we recommend you discuss them with us directly.

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