Personal Injury

Dealing with insurance companies is often not fun.  We want you to listen to your doctor and spend your time following their advice, let us handle the insurance company for you.

We offer contingency fees that are fair.  On a simple car wreck that represents 25%.  On other types of cases we take on a contingent basis, such as Civil Rights, that percent is higher.  We are happy to discuss the specifics with you.

Automobile, Motorcycle and Truck Collisions

We charge a standard 25% for any pre-litigation settlement work for these type of injury cases. It is critical to begin to investigate early to obtain all the records before they are destroyed.

Civil Rights Claims

We also take civil rights cases, such as police brutality, on a contingency basis. Please not we'll have to discuss your case to be able to tell you what our fee would be. Some of these are highly complex.

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